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Recording « Je suis un ange » with « El Calife » 2018

Posted by on Jan 13, 2019

Recording « Je suis un ange » with « El Calife » 2018

I’ve always loved recording music, for my own productions or friend projects, it’s such a pleasure to share my « inner music » with public ears.

This new recording is with my friend Eric Manchon, known as « El Calife » for his last production « Oriental Delight », a luxury blend of oriental grooves with guests on various instruments.

I’m honored that he had selected this track for his album: « Je suis un ange »

As usual, I listen to the track one time and then record the first shot…, like a live gig. For this one, I play soprano sax which allows a strong « world music » sound, like a kind of traditional instrument.