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Sunsets in Benirràs, summer 2018

Posted by on Juil 9, 2018

Sunsets in Benirràs, summer 2018

Ibiza is much more than just electronic music…

Even if I play most of the time with Dj’s, I love the physical contact with other musicians, to share the real natural process of producing sounds with our instruments. Creating air vibrations and organizing them into music, this is an artist’s eternal challenge!

Before the clubbing business, it was the hippies from all over the world who brought new music on the island. This was the real beginning of the Ibiza’s music scene, then the first Dj’s appeared.

In Benirràs, we still keep alive this hippie’s tradition of playing for the sunset, like a collective meditation. The meeting is usually on sunday, but because of the mass tourism in the island, it’s better to choose one of the other six days in the week 😉

Here are a few different sunsets in june and july, to illustrate the beauty of the the nature and the energy of the group. Peace.